The John B. Gorrie Foundation funds capital improvements and operational enhancements for Gorrie Elementary, including:

  • Technology not covered by public educational funds including, in 2016-2017 alone, $45,000-plus for:

    — Two laptop carts containing 60 laptops;

    — 8 laptops for the high stakes computer lab;

    — 24 headsets for the high stakes computer lab; and

    — 2 Skype cameras

  • The Gorrie Strings Program, which provides free in-school violin instruction as part of curriculum for ALL K-1st grade students and reasonably priced extracurricular violin lessons for students in grades 2nd through 5th

  • Extracurricular Educational Enrichment Clubs in interest areas ranging from Science and Math to Arts and Sports through the Making Academic Gains in Clubs (MAGIC) platform

  • Need-based tutoring during school hours for children determined by teachers as needing educational intervention (by invitation only)

  • A privately funded Coliseum; plus addition of $10,000 sound system  in 2016

  • Two fully equipped playgrounds

  • Smart boards and smart projectors in every classroom

  • Type to Learn and Brain POP software

  • And much more!


How do the Gorrie Foundation and the PTA differ?

A common question that gets asked is, “What’s the difference between the Gorrie PTA and the John B. Gorrie Foundation?”

The Foundation and PTA do share a broad common interest – the betterment of our children’s education. Both organizations work throughout the year to that end but each have a separate focus and are governed differently.

PTA provides an environment which invites parents and families to become involved in the education process. They fund extra-curricular activities, family-school events, teacher appreciation programs and much more.

The John B. Gorrie Foundation’s mission is to secure funding to expand and enhance the educational experience of every student at Gorrie Elementary School. This typically translates to purchasing elements of education that the district and/or the state are unable to provide – be it technology, supplemental curriculum, valuable student services or teacher training.

There are also instances where Foundation and PTA objectives overlap and we partner closely. However, the two organizations are governed differently with respect to how they raise and spend money. PTA, as a national organization, is bound by by-laws which dictate how fundraising is achieved and how funds are implemented into programs. The John B. Gorrie Foundation, on the other hand, can pursue fundraising as necessary, over multiple years for a large project, for example, to achieve its stated goals. Funding decisions are guided by the Foundation Board, as representatives of parents, together with teacher and administrative input. Decisions can be made or changed as necessary by the Foundation.

Our Gorrie PTA is exceptional, and our school “community” is enriched due to their efforts. The John B. Gorrie Foundation will continue to bridge the gap between what public education funds and what the administration at Gorrie, our A+ school, defines as necessary for a competitive 21st-century education for our children. Both organizations need your support!